Dear Company Agricola Corte dell’Abbadessa,

It was back in 1992 when my parents to get away from the hectic city, were passing along Via Martiri di Pizzocalvo and noticed the piece of land with two colonial houses. Being amazed of this untouchable soil in the Park of dei Gessi, they decided to launch the adventure and realize their dream far away from the noises.

Spending relentless amounth of hours, days and months to work for the land they realized there was even more work to do. There was always a new corner which needed to put in order because nature has always its own will and it wants to surprise. Soon after they bought some animals in the garden such as chickens, geese, ducks, turkeys, peacocks and rabbits. They created a real farm and I couldn’t wait to get out of the school to go to play and have fun in a land so close to the city but so far from the modern stereotypes. One important lessons was to understand the different animals, to start to recognize them in an aspect what they produce. I liked to go to look for the nest of birds in the park and understand that not all the eggs were similar to each other but that they changed the color and dimention by the birds who layd them. And I never forget when my first seeded plants started to grow and produce fruits for the first time. The thing that I could actually eat what is growing in the garden respecting the seasonality of the product, has been the most valuable thing that I have learned.

With all this small but yet vast experiences was born the educative farm in 2003 first of its kind in the area. The idea was to introduce the reality of our ancestors to our children. Our objective was to bring the nature and its simplicity more near to children through the diversity of our courses. Of all this born the association Corte dell’ Abbadessa founded by a group of young people in 2012. Our objectives were to increase the study and research, publishing materials inherent for agriculture, silviculture, breeding of animals, respect and value of nature, knowledge of the biological cycle of animals and plants and the production process of the transformation and conservation of the agriculture and pastoral products.

With the hope that everyone could live every day like I have lived in these years and with the hope that everybody could enjoy the fruits that you offer,

simply Thank you.