Who we are

Amongst the wonderful hills of national park Parco dei Gessi e dei Calanchi dell’Abbadessa in a road Via Croara 7/1 in San Lazzaro di Savena you will find an association l’Associazione Corte dell’Abbadessa.

The house emerging from the road seems at first sight to be a private property amongst the others, but nonetheless of its impressivenes it serves the space for the new and elegant structure of the association.

The association has been created inside the activity Azienda Agricola Corte dell’Abbadessa. In here the philosophy and experience started from the six hectars of organically cultivated land with a lot of animals which are living in freedom, and where in many years there has been an activity of courses for adults and children. It has been approved by the Province of Bologna to funtion as an educational farm since 2013.

The association founded in 2012, has been created to have an appropriate and convenient space which purpose is to increase educational, recreative and cultural activities. The topics of the education vary for example from the respect of nature and knowledge of the natural cycle of animals to increase the consume awareness of nutrition, cuisine, health and wellness of human.

We offer amateur courses, evenings with current issues, degustations, trips around the farm, animated celebrations for the children and educational courses and day care. In addition we offer a place for the companies to keep their meetings and conferences.

We are proud to have the only frantoio of the zone in a national park. Moreover we have a laboratorio and honey extractor.

We show what some people dont know or what some have forgot. We introduce what means the concept ”from the field to table”, the products we use are for example how to make olives to oil, bees to honey and fruits to marmallade.

In the same building cooperate also a restaurant called Sale in Zucca. This spontaneous kitchen offers degustation courses where they prefer the seasonality and the availability of the incredients.

The association and the kitchen are working in collaboration and they want to offer the full service for all the visitors who come here to spend their freetime.

Our objective is to serve a space where our guests can find what means wellbeing. We offer a place where one can spend nice moments with their family and loved ones. All this they can do in an environment where one can satisfy palate, mind and the imagination for both young and adults.

Come to join us and spend happy moments with us. We give the full service always with a smile and with most cordial kindness.

Some of the activities happen with close touch of the nature therefore we ask kindly for our guests to respect the nature and some tips when moving inside the national park:

Respect the flowers and plants

Dont make too much noise

Find emotions and get emozionated

Listen the silence, wind and sounds of the nature

Collect pictures not piece of the nature

P.S. For using the services, courses etc. we ask annual renewance of the membership